Team Of The Moment



Robbie Savage, Neil Ashton, Martin Samuel. These 3 men, all share or should I say shared an opinion. They all believed that come May, Southampton FC would find themselves in the bottom three, dooming them to relegation! These men have now been well and truly humiliated, and are feeling the full force of something I like to call “Lazy Journalism”.

This entitles of basically being an armchair critic, following the crowd, just because it’s easy. Journalists should be controversial, but this was simply a selection for the sake of a selection, it was only chosen because it filled a gap. This screamed to me that the men in question weren’t doing their jobs properly.

Now 5 games into The Premier League Season, the boys in red and white sit second only to Chelsea. This is made all the more pleasing by the position of those who deserted us over the summer.

Pochettino’s Spurs sit ninth after, a loss at home to West Brom and a draw at Sunderland.


Luke Shaw’s Manchester United sit a lowly 12th however he wouldn’t know as he’s restricted from playing due to “Fitness” problems.

Looking rather large

Looking rather large

But best of all is the situation at Liverpool. After defeats at West Ham and City, and a loss at home to Villa, Lallana, Lovren and Lambert could well be feeling just as sheepish as the Savage and his band of merry men!

What have I done!?

What have I done!?

They just mustn’t have heard about Tadic’s wand of a left boot, Pellè’s gun of a head and Alderweireld’s beefeater attitude to protecting his goal.

Pelle happy

You have to remind yourself that with Sadio Mané and Jay Rodiguez still to come Saints could well be a real force this season. So to summarise 3 idiots, 2nd in the league, I’m 1 happy Saints fan.

England’s Next Captain



England U21 v Lithuania U21 - 2015 UEFA European U21 Championships Qualifier

On the 28th August 2014, Wayne Rooney was announced as captain of The Three Lions. The most predictable and the most boring choice. Not a single eyebrow was raised whilst reading your typical bog standard “Immense Pride” and “Wildest Dreams” quotes from The Liverpudlian.

After a dismal World Cup campaign, what we cried out for was a risk! Playing it safe has resulted in failure. The last time the FA could have taken a risk they simply turned their noses up at it. Putting down those Red and White tinted glasses I see my life through, it was plain and clear to anyone that Harry Redknapp was the man for the job, yet Greg Dyke and his band of merry men, went for Roy over Redknapp. Why? Even Harry him self admitted it was because he   talks like a London cabby, The FA are snobs, they have a certain type and Harry didn’t fit into that category.

Wayne Rooney wasn’t the wrong choice, but judging from the outside I don’t see him as a leader, he seems more shy, definitely not a loud person, not a Joe Hart or a Daniel Sturridge.

Anyway my point of this article is not about the past or future England captain, I feel now especially, is a time to embrace youth, and from the group of young lions at the moment one player stands out hugely, maybe its because I see him play every weekend or maybe I just put those red and white spectacles back on, but somehow, I don’t think I have.

James Michael Edward Ward Prowse, was born and bred on The South Coast. If you ignore his Portsmouth links he’s hugely attractive to any Saints fan. Young, exiting and English what more could you want? Another brought through our internationally renowned youth system, JWP has been at Southampton Football Club since the ripe old age of 8, 11 years on though he’s still pulling on those famous red and white stripes every weekend, ready to etch in our mind further, how talented he is. Already captaining the England U21 over many 2 years senior to him, surely thats a big tell tale he’s destined for big things?

I’m not suggesting this boy should have been announced England captain, nor am I suggesting that he should be the next England captain, I’m simply stating he’s one to keep an eye on. Those in the media have compared the midfield maestro to David Beckham as has legendary Manchester United centre back and now Hull City manager Steve Bruce! Ward Prowse has stated in the past he studied Becks and his set pieces in particular, as a youngster. Something that’s very clear if you watch him whip in a corner or deliver a free kick, especially that flailing arm.

james ward prowse becks vs jwp