It’s awards season, The BAFTA’s, The BRIT Awards and Crufts all take place in the space of a few short weeks. One award however, eclipses them all. Next month the 86th academy awards will take place at The Dolby Theatre, on Hollywood Boulevard. Some of the worlds most well known faces, will gather for all of 200 minutes, of red carpet interviews, dodgy acceptance speeches and that really awkward moment when the losers applaud the winners.

Here at “” however we felt that that we’d do something for those who were more of the footballing persuasion rather than the film buff persuasion. So here come the 3rd “Soscar” awards. We have 5 awards to present tonight, for best original score (best goal), Best foreign language (Player), (Player) in leading role and Best Short (Performance.)

Robbie's questionable outfit for the evening.

Robbie’s questionable outfit for the evening.

Firstly however here comes Robbie Savage to present the first award of the night. (Player with) Best Haircut and Makeup.

The nominee’s for tonight’s award are:

Virgil Van Dijk

Graziano Pellè

Oriol Romeu (Controversially)

Just look at that bun.

Just look at that bun…

And the Soscar goes too…Graziano Pelle! There was only every going to be one winner here. We all know that feeling of invincibility after leaving the barbers with a fresh trim, but no one will ever come close to matching Graziano Pelle’s barnet. Now for the award, for Best Original Score (/Goal), please welcome Hassan Kachoul.

The Nominees are:

James Ward Prowse (Vs WBA)

Graziano Pelle (Vs Chelsea)

Cuco Martina (Vs Arsenal)

And the Soscar goes too…Cuco Martina! The fullback’s swerving strike, to give Saints the lead against Arsenal, was a real thunderbolt strike and one that’ll live in the memory of many. Now for the award for Best Foreign Language (Saint) here’s 2014’s winner Mauricio Pochettino to present the award.

The Nominee’s are:

Sadio Manè

Maya Yoshida

Victor Wanyama

What a player.

What a player.

And the Soscar goes too…Sadio Manè! The Senegalese speedster is arguably the best player in the Saints camp at the moment, if he could finish properly, he’d be a £50m player. Rather glad he can’t though, because it means he’ll probably stay here a bit longer. Next up is the penultimate award of the evening. It’s (Player) in a leading role award, here’s Vegard Forren to present it.

The Nominee’s are:

Sadio Mane

Morgan Schniderlin

Jose Fonte

Captain. Leader. Legend.

Captain. Leader. Legend.

And the Soscar goes too…Jose Fonte! Reliable, Consistent, Loyal: Three characteristics you look for in a captain and Fonte fits the role perfectly, in the last 4 years his regular CB pair has changed each season, but Fonte gets on with it consistently producing good performances. Southampton have conceded less goals than anyone else in the last 3 years and he’s why. Now Ladies and Gentleman, for our final award of the evening. It’s Best Short (Performance). The nominees are.

Charlie Austin

Dusan Tadic

James Ward Prowse

And the Soscar goes too… Charlie Austin! How couldn’t I? The new signing comes on at Old Trafford with 10 minutes to go and wins the game for us at the death. Magical stuff.

Magical Stuff

Magical Stuff

So, that concludes the third annual Soscar’s. We’ve had a great time! Have you? Like, subscribe and show all your friends! TB

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