Emmanuel Mayuka: A wasted opportunity?

Watch out...

Watch out…

With all the hype and excitement surrounding Virgil Van Dijk’s  ‘deadline day’ move from the North this summer, you could be forgiven for missing one of the less well reported movers, through Southampton’s constantly revolving door.

On the eve of deadline day, Just a single tweet from the club announced the Zambians departure to French second division club; Metz, along with the typical Daily Echo paragraph the following day. This isn’t surprising as the Striker never even completed 90 mins for Southampton, with his last competitive appearance coming in a 5-1 trouncing of Barnsley back in 2013. However, I pose the question, does Mayuka’s isolation and eventual subtle departure from St Mary’s, represent an enormous missed opportunity for The Saints?

His greatest/only moment for Southampton?

His greatest/only moment for Southampton?

As far as I can recall the Zambian was never really given a proper chance to prove his worth, he simply provided 15 minute cameo’s at the backend of early season league games (Which quickly ran out for him) He started just one game for Southampton in his THREE seasons at the club, against Sunderland, in his first season, where he was substituted early in the second half.

It should be mentioned that he was playing second fiddle to the prolific Rickie Lambert, which may lay claim  for his lack of starts, but even when Mayuka came on for Lambert, tactically nothing changed with the team, Mayuka was still expected to knock down and flick on the balls played into him in the same fashion Lambert did. Rarely was the ball played into his feet, so rarely did he get the chance to run with a football, or more importantly dribble. Something his Youtube videos claim he could do in his sleep! Take a look for yourself below.

By the turn of the year in his first season, it became evident that Mayuka had been ‘frozen out’ of the Saints squad and was subsequently farmed out to FC Sochaux of Ligue 1 on loan the following summer where he scored 4 goals in 20 games including this beauty.

Unfortunately however he couldn’t save Les Lionceaux, or The Lion Cubs from relegation to Ligue 2, and he returned to England the following summer.

Observing the Premier League this season so far there has been a very interesting for very intresting, including a   overwhelming trend in clubs targeting ambitious finishes, Like Leicester, West Ham or Crystal Palace, playing a game based around speed and set up for the counter attack. Look at Palace for example. They’ve moved Yannick Bolasie to a more central role, and flanked by Bakary Sako and Wilfred Zaha, they look daunting to say the least. Many have fallen into there trap with 6 of there 10 goals scored so far this season coming on the counter, whilst they are picking up away wins for like takeaway leaflets through postboxes! With 12 since Alan Pardew took over back in January.

All hail Pards

All hail Pards.

This is where Mayuka really could come in handy. The clubs listed above all have similar ambitions to Saints this season, and the strategy, as of yet, has come good for them. Saints aren’t set up for the counter attacking game with Pellè being very much the focal point of the attack, and speed is definitely not where his assets lie.

With Saints showing no evident plan B yet this season, I feel Mayuka could have been the one to  provide it, but unfortunately he’ll be playing second division French football instead this year…Hurry back Emmanuel!


Dusan Tadic

tadic 3

The Serbian sorcerer had an impressive first season in England, but I’m backing him to pull up some serious tree’s this time around.

Tadic 1The blend of Tadic’s visibly laid back persona combined with his creative genius and unmissable flair create almost the perfect cocktail for Saints fans, the only problem with Tadic however is that this cocktail is and only delivers when the scenario is absolutely perfect.

Tadic 5

There is no doubt that Dusan Tadic has talent, but his main issue is dishing it out on a regular basis rather than flirtatiously sharing it with you before cloaking it from you like a badly kept secret which you splurge out elements of over an extended a region of time.

A far simpler way of explaining the above would be to describe Tadic as inconsistent, but this he is not. Inconsistent would mean he performed equal good performances to bad, yet with Tadic bad performances are out of the question, a better comparison would be between good and supreme, as when he is on his day he can perform moments of true illusion.

Tadic 2

The fact that he moulds his game around Thierry Henry is more comprehendible than obvious, as the pair have many hidden similarities. Although they may not share a position, the two players both had an impeccable eye for a pass and in particular that illusive ‘killer ball’. The two regularly would regularly cut inside to look in Henry’s case for the shot, however Tadic would be more likely to lay-off the ball. They both could deliver a impressive set piece and the list goes on, yet all those familiar with both players would admit that while Henry will go down in the history of the Premier League, Tadic is more likely to be forgotten.

tadic 4

But this campaign may be the one where Tadic goes from a badly kept secret to the kind of player who can’t get a pint of milk from the shops without sharing a ‘selfie’. You better believe it people, Dusan Tadic is about to go mainstream.


Liverpool: A sinking ship?

Clyne Vs Lpool   As the auction house that is the transfer window opens it’s doors for the summer, there’s an avalanche of rumours linking Southampton players, here there and everywhere. One of this years early saga’s belongs to Saints and England full back Nathaniel Clyne who’s been heavily linked as well as being to subject to a bid by Liverpool.

Liverpool Football Club, a giant of the beautiful game, one of European football’s super clubs and England’s second most successful club in history. Oh how times have changed. As the shadow of the 2015/16 Premier League season begins to loom, they seem to have no chance of achieving Champions League football and are are crumbling further and further into the downward spiral that has dominated their last ten years. They find themselves regularly overpaying for mediocre players, with the fans kidding themselves that they are singing up top talents, who are humbled by the clubs great history while the reality is that their reasons for joining are largely financial. But why is all this the case? I have searched far and wide for the primary factors that are the key contributors to Liverpool’s largely unsuccessful recent history.

“What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. It’s a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his father’s hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love.” The late, great Bobby Robson wrote that about football’s most loyal members. The fans.

While managers, players and even owners come and go, the fans always remain the same. This is the first problem about Liverpool Football Club. They’re fans have built up a terrible reputation for themselves over recent times. From stealing tickets from children outside of stadiums to launching racial attacks at there own players over social media, the people that make up the legendary ‘Kop end’ have managed to make everyone dislike them, more than ever before. Where does this this stem from? I think I may have found the answer.

They are angry and they are vicious and they have a hair-trigger temper. They greet any criticism, real or perceived, of the club they love with absolute fury. They come armed with words and threats and scorn. They lash out at whoever aggravates them. Their attacks are not curbed by moderation, or dampened by doubt. They are sustained and they are ferocious. They take no prisoners. If they as much as sense criticism they swarm in their masses to respond and defend themselves, taking the observations painfully personally. This is a small minority but a minority that does exist. ScouseFansFight_468x325

The second primary contributor to Liverpool’s modern day downward spiral is the man in charge. Brendan Rodgers. The bottom line is: He isn’t as good as he thinks he is. He’s out of his depth and living on borrowed time. The owners crave the stability of Rafa Benitez’s reign after Hodgson and Dalgleish suffered relatively quick exits, so they keep him because this is their outlook and they believe it’ll that it’ll get better.

Granted the 2013/14 season was a good won however you can’t look past the fact that they should have won the division, but collapses at both Palace and Chelsea (Steven Gerrard style) left them trailing in Manchester City’s wake. Who’s fault is this? You have to blame the manager.  Steve slip

Three years is a long time to be at one club in modern day football, and being at a big team for that long as well as spending so much money, Rodgers should have won something. He hasn’t. There is a constant flow of rumours coming out of the dressing room at Anfield that Rodgers has lost the dressing room. Ex players like Pepe Reina and Daniel Agger have spoken out about Rodgers, describing his as “Difficult.” The only people who seem to have any faith in Rodgers are the owners! jhw

The final contributor to Liverpool tumbling down this incredibly slippery slope is the infamous Liverpool transfer committee. The Liverpool owner, John W Henry is happy to splash the cash, there’s no doubt about that, however he does it on his terms with his people having the final say. Of course Rodgers has an input but this ‘Committee’ seems to have a habit of purchasing form players rather than quality players. There are exceptions, Luis Suarez of course was Henry’s first signing as Liverpool owner, but he was swiftly followed through the Anfield door by players like Charlie Adam, Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing.

Henry is too stubborn to fire this committee, but after Liverpool spent big last season to bring in players like ex Saints, Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert and Dejan Lovren, with effectively no success, surely Henry must consider the positions of those in question at Liverpool Football Club.

So, I digress to the true point of this article, why would Clyne sign for a club that is quite obviously falling down the pecking order of  English Football or even why would he leave one that’s clearly climbing up that list. I’m sure of one thing, if Clyne does leave for Liverpool this season it’s not because they are a bigger club than Southampton, it’s because they can give him a bigger paycheque at the end of the week.

Eljero Elia- “I Dream Southampton Will Sign Me”

Southampton’s Dutch contingent have been very hit and miss over the years, on one side of the fence you have got Ulrich Van Gobbel, Danny Hoekman, Mark Votte and Jan Poortvliet but jump over that fence and you are in the glorious company of Ken Monkou, Jos Hoovield, Ronald Koeman and whisper it quietly but could you consider Eljero Elia in that category already? It’s surely too early for him to sit on the same table as Kenneth, probably even for Koeman, but has Elia put a foot wrong?

Our Dutch Ultra's

Our Dutch Ultra’s

I’ve said it before but football fans are very fickle, they are easily pleased and it isn’t hard for them to like you. All you have to do is…well not do anything wrong! That said though, they do have their favourites and if I was looking in from the outside, I’d say Elia is making all the right noises. I sat down with one of Southampton’s latest additions, to talk about life as a loan player, Ronald Koeman and mayonnaise…

OWTS: Hello Eljero, How has your first month as a Southampton player been?

EE:  Hi Guys, everyone at the club has made it really easy for me to settle, they have helped me with everything and now my family have moved over, in terms of life off the pitch it’s all perfect and it’s not bad on it either. (He says with huge smile on his face) 

OWTS: So at the moment you’re a loan player, do you rent a house in the city or do you live in a hotel?

EE: Yes, I’m renting a house with my family for sixth months, and after that I my dream Southampton will sign me permanently.

OWTS: That’s what we like to hear Eljero, Saints have been linked with lots of young Dutch players recently, Tonny Vilhena, Jordy Clasie as well as your friend Memphis Depay, would you like to see Southampton’s Dutch contingent boosted?

EE: Yes for me but for Southampton as well, because they are all great players and big talents.

Have a word with him Eljero

Have a word with him Eljero


OWTS: What do you rate the chances of the moves, Depay in particular?

EE: Memphis is a hugely talented young player and I think it isn’t long before he goes to a very big club, it wouldn’t hurt our chances of signing him if we get into the Champions League, but in Football anything is possible.

OWTS: Is The Champions League dream something the players talk about?

EE:  Not really, its crucial to have the right mindset. We look from one game to another and give each one 100%.

OWTS: As a City what are your impressions of Southampton?

EE: To be honest, I don’t really have time to go into the city, but the club is huge and an all round great organisation.

OWTS: Have you as players been set a target as of what Koeman wants you to achieve this season?

EE: Not really, personally though I want to be as important for the team and the club and hope to have lots of success.

OWTS: What persuaded you to join Southampton? Was it Koeman? The players we bought from The Eredivisie?

EE: Koeman called me and he asked me if i wanted to join Southampton and of course I said yes because of him and from what I saw on television, Southampton play good football.

OWTS: Do you remember the first time you met Ronald Koeman?

EE: I’ve known Ronald for a very long time, so long I can’t remember when it was I met him, but he has played a big role in my life. We always speak, both about my football and my private life.


One Man And His Idol

OWTS: When you were growing up in Holland he must have been a great idol of yours?

EE: He was everyone’s idol! I remember his goals and what he did for the national team of Holland and the country. He was one of the best central defenders in the world at the time.

OWTS: How are Southampton being viewed back at home in Holland, are they liked because of Koeman?

EE: In Holland they follow everything that comes out of Southampton, the Dutch people see it as a big club.

OWTS: Has that always been the case, or more since Koeman arrived?

EE: Its always been the case, Everyone dreams of playing in England, so to watch it is the second best thing.

OWTS: And finally, are chips really chips without mayonnaise?

EE: Of course not, you can’t eat chips without mayonnaise, it’s like Tom without Jerry. It just doesn’t work.

The Weakest Link

Winter is arriving, Christmas song’s can be heard on the radio and the floodlights are beginning to come out for the 3:00 games, soon teams will open up shop for January, the half way point in the Football year, when teams get the chance to buy and sell their prized assets, to improve their team, It’s a time where pundits chat about who needs what and when the football agents will shout about how their player isn’t happy and wants a move, all in a clever ploy to get his man a shiny new contract. Southampton’s early season rise up the table has left them fifth, but after 3 straight defeats, and a ravaging injury problem present in the dressing room, one thing is clear. We need more squad depth.

Now squad depth doesn’t mean just bodies on the bench, it means bodies on the bench that can actually play football, because with the greatest of respect to Emmanuel Mayuka, he isn’t Premier League quality. Last night on the bench, only Kelvin Davis had made a Premier League start, leaving the remaining 6 with 0 starts and 0 goals. If you compare that to Manchester United they had over 500 Premier League starts between them! You would then probably point out that we had gone for youth on our bench, but they had a lower average age than us as well!

The only 8 starts that were on the bench, against Manchester United

The only 8 starts that were on the bench, against Manchester United


What do we need in January? Well first and for most we need a young second striker. It has to be said that Graziano Pelle has been absolutely excellent since joining from Feyenoord, but in these last few games he has shown signs of fatigue, and that’s rubbed off on his goal record. Paulo Dybala of Palmero has been linked to a south coast move and he is said to be the next Sergio Aguero. But then again Nicklas Bendtner was the self proclaimed Lionel Messi.  What Southampton need is a young energetic and hungry striker too come off the bench with 15-20 minutes to go and possibly chip in with a goal or two?

The Answer?

The Answer?


Another position where we look slightly shallow in is the full back position. Don’t get me wrong, this season we have too fantastic young English full backs, with bags of potential, but if you look past them we have Young Matt Targett who looks to be our future Left Back but is he ready now? And then other than Clyne, Toby Alderweireld can stand in but who else?

The Future?

The Future?

My title “The Weakest Link” is slightly misleading as in no way whatsoever am I saying either Pelle, Bertrand or Clyne are weak links, but I’m saying we need to protect from overplaying them into weak links by bringing in cover.



Steal Of The Summer.

Fabianski on a free? Swapsies for Sigurdsson? Or just 4 million quid for a young, hungry and determined English full back? (No I haven’t got my facts wrong I mean Eric Dier.) This summer’s transfer marketplace will be remembered for two polar opposites, bargains and burglaries!  

Shane Long cost Saints 3 times as they sold Lambert to Liverpool for, and 12 times as much as they bought him for! 7 games into Lambert’s stint as a Saint, he’d put the ball into the back of the net 6 times if you mirror that with Shane Long’s record, he’s yet to hit a shot on target! It may still be early days but  Long better start scoring soon, or rather than be remembered in the same league as Le Tissier he’ll be remembered like Lee.

Shane Long wasn’t the only player to have had an “Inflated” transfer fee this year, PSG splashed out £50 Million on Eccentric Chelsea CB and Sideshow Bob lookalike David Luiz, Fulham threw £11 Million at second division striker Ross McCormack and Liverpool shelled out £20 Million on a headless defender, they got his noggin for free. My point here isn’t that “There’s too much money in football” but that the fee’s are unnecessary, what’s the point in paying £20 Million on a player who cost a quarter of that just one year previous? There isn’t any!


The masters of the transfer market aren’t those who splash the cash but those who are subtle, if you pay £1 Million on a striker and it doesn’t work out, then yes thats frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. If you pay £50 Million however and he fluffs his lines, then that most certainly is! Reverse that however pay a million quid on a striker and he sets the world on fire, you feel much better than if he cost you 50, Compare Lambert, Michu, Benteke or Joe Hart to Fernando Torres, they cost collectively just under £10 Million, with a total of 155 goals between them compare that too just 19 from Mr Torres yet they cost just 20% of what he cost? You see where I’m coming from?


For me, this season two players stand out as “Bargain buys”, firstly Leandro Ulloa of Premier League newsboys Leicester City, The Foxes have taken to England’s top division, like ducks to water and a big part of that would have to be Ulloa. After scoring roughly a goal every other game for Brighton in the Championship, Ulloa took a shortcut to the Premier League with Leicester costing them a club record £8 Million and has scored 5 goals in his opening 5 games most notably a brace against Manchester United in a 5-3 win, almost immediately justifying the money paid for his services.


The other player who sticks out to me from the rest as a bargain is Southampton’s very own Graziano Pellè. The Italian was brought into replace Rickie Lambert, and with huge boots to fill, and the club being flushed down to second division by pundits, the big man has stepped up under immense pressure, also scoring 5 goals so far this term, earning himself a call up to the Italian national ten for the first time, as well as a debut goal! Also costing Saints 8 Million this really has to be up there with Ulloa as one of Summers try bargains.


Pelle happy

Team Of The Moment



Robbie Savage, Neil Ashton, Martin Samuel. These 3 men, all share or should I say shared an opinion. They all believed that come May, Southampton FC would find themselves in the bottom three, dooming them to relegation! These men have now been well and truly humiliated, and are feeling the full force of something I like to call “Lazy Journalism”.

This entitles of basically being an armchair critic, following the crowd, just because it’s easy. Journalists should be controversial, but this was simply a selection for the sake of a selection, it was only chosen because it filled a gap. This screamed to me that the men in question weren’t doing their jobs properly.

Now 5 games into The Premier League Season, the boys in red and white sit second only to Chelsea. This is made all the more pleasing by the position of those who deserted us over the summer.

Pochettino’s Spurs sit ninth after, a loss at home to West Brom and a draw at Sunderland.


Luke Shaw’s Manchester United sit a lowly 12th however he wouldn’t know as he’s restricted from playing due to “Fitness” problems.

Looking rather large

Looking rather large

But best of all is the situation at Liverpool. After defeats at West Ham and City, and a loss at home to Villa, Lallana, Lovren and Lambert could well be feeling just as sheepish as the Savage and his band of merry men!

What have I done!?

What have I done!?

They just mustn’t have heard about Tadic’s wand of a left boot, Pellè’s gun of a head and Alderweireld’s beefeater attitude to protecting his goal.

Pelle happy

You have to remind yourself that with Sadio Mané and Jay Rodiguez still to come Saints could well be a real force this season. So to summarise 3 idiots, 2nd in the league, I’m 1 happy Saints fan.

England’s Next Captain



England U21 v Lithuania U21 - 2015 UEFA European U21 Championships Qualifier

On the 28th August 2014, Wayne Rooney was announced as captain of The Three Lions. The most predictable and the most boring choice. Not a single eyebrow was raised whilst reading your typical bog standard “Immense Pride” and “Wildest Dreams” quotes from The Liverpudlian.

After a dismal World Cup campaign, what we cried out for was a risk! Playing it safe has resulted in failure. The last time the FA could have taken a risk they simply turned their noses up at it. Putting down those Red and White tinted glasses I see my life through, it was plain and clear to anyone that Harry Redknapp was the man for the job, yet Greg Dyke and his band of merry men, went for Roy over Redknapp. Why? Even Harry him self admitted it was because he   talks like a London cabby, The FA are snobs, they have a certain type and Harry didn’t fit into that category.

Wayne Rooney wasn’t the wrong choice, but judging from the outside I don’t see him as a leader, he seems more shy, definitely not a loud person, not a Joe Hart or a Daniel Sturridge.

Anyway my point of this article is not about the past or future England captain, I feel now especially, is a time to embrace youth, and from the group of young lions at the moment one player stands out hugely, maybe its because I see him play every weekend or maybe I just put those red and white spectacles back on, but somehow, I don’t think I have.

James Michael Edward Ward Prowse, was born and bred on The South Coast. If you ignore his Portsmouth links he’s hugely attractive to any Saints fan. Young, exiting and English what more could you want? Another brought through our internationally renowned youth system, JWP has been at Southampton Football Club since the ripe old age of 8, 11 years on though he’s still pulling on those famous red and white stripes every weekend, ready to etch in our mind further, how talented he is. Already captaining the England U21 over many 2 years senior to him, surely thats a big tell tale he’s destined for big things?

I’m not suggesting this boy should have been announced England captain, nor am I suggesting that he should be the next England captain, I’m simply stating he’s one to keep an eye on. Those in the media have compared the midfield maestro to David Beckham as has legendary Manchester United centre back and now Hull City manager Steve Bruce! Ward Prowse has stated in the past he studied Becks and his set pieces in particular, as a youngster. Something that’s very clear if you watch him whip in a corner or deliver a free kick, especially that flailing arm.

james ward prowse becks vs jwp


Interview: Guly Do Prado




Over the past Summer, Southampton Football Club has experienced so many different feelings and emotions. Shock, Sadness, Bitterness and even Anger, too much negativity and not enough virtues. Not enough Integrity or honour, but one word that springs to mind immediately, that so few have shown, is loyalty. One player loyalty came natural  to Guilherme do Prado Raymundo, or just simply Guly.

Southampton Crystal Palace 111226

Guly invested his faith in this club many moons ago, 4 years and one day ago to be precise, At the time the club found themselves sat in League One, the third rung of the English football ladder. He departed from far more radiant climates. Cesena, The Cavallucci Marini, simply the seahorses in English, had just gained Serie A status for the first time in 14 years. Guly walked away from the opportunity to play at some of the worlds most iconic stadiums, against some of the worlds best players, to play in the same team as Dan Seaborne and visit Hartlepool’s Victoria Park on bone chilling Tuesday nights.


He bought into Markus Liebherr and Nicola Cortese’s “5 Year Plan”, to reach the Premier League. The “Plan” was rapidly accelerated and Guly was a Premier League striker in just 2 years. 103 appearances later Guly has left the club after a 4 year spell with The Saints, earning him cult hero status with the fans. I sat down with him to discuss his time at the club.

OWTS: So Guly, after 4 fantastic seasons at the club, you’ve moved on, do miss it.

GDP: Yes, deeply.

OWTS: Who made the decision not to renew your contract? Was it Mauricio, Krueger, Les Reed?

GDP:  I’m not really sure; I think it was the club as a whole. I had an incredible 4 years there but   everything has to come to an end.

OWTS: What will you miss the most about playing for The Saints?

GDP: The fans, they were absolutely amazing to me! They stuck by me through thick and thin but also the players, Jose, Morgan, Corky, Jay, Ward (Prowse), Maya, Boruc, Gaston all the players who played with me in my time there, we had a fantastic group.

OWTS: Which coach did you enjoy playing under most at Southampton?

GDP: I think Adkins and Mauricio were both fantastic coaches, they both were very similar in their styles, but had very different minds. Can I have 2? Sorry.

OWTS: Adkins because you played more under him or because of his ability as a coach?

GDP: No his ability as a manager, he was fantastic.

OWTS: This Summer, was a summer of change, were you disappointed to see so many players depart?

GDP: Yes I was, we had a great foundation for something very special but thats football.

OWTS: Would you say we were in a better position now or before the transfer window?

GDP: Everything changed, players changed, managers changed and ideas changed, so its difficult to compare the two seasons. right now I can’t really say.

OWTS: Whats your thoughts on Morgan’s situation?

GDP: I speak to Morgan a lot about life, not really about football, but I think he’s happy to stay and see what happens at the club, for now.

OWTS: Whats next for your career as a footballer?

GDP: I want to still play football for as long is possible because I love it.

OWTS: In England, Italy, or back home in Brazil?

GDP: England, its the best football in the world.


There we have it. What a hero.

A Summer Of Change: Part 2

A Summer Of Change: Part 2
What a summer it has been for Southampton FC. We’ve appointed an internationally known gaffe, who believes Saints are on course for another Top 10 finish, and maybe even a pop at Europe. We’ve brought in over 100 Million pounds for an ageing striker an overhyped one season-wonderkid, a injury prone diva and our second choice RB, We’ve replaced them with England GK’s, Champion League Winners and some of statistics most talked about, oh and did I mention we’ve got our stripes back. Players have come, players have gone but one thing remains the same. We are constantly improving,

We’ve replaced our ageing war horse striker with Graziano Pellè. The Italian has a higher goal per game ratio than Falcao, Ibrahimovic and Suarez over the last two seasons and with just Messi and Ronaldo ahead of him, this must be seen as a huge coup for Southampton.

While Liverpool are snapping up Johnstone’s Paint Trophy Winners, Saints are bringing in the big guns. Unfortunately we lost Lallana, Lovren and Lambert to Liverpool, but never fear Ryan Bertrand is here, and with him he brings both a Europa and Champions League medal, believe me they don’t just give those things away.


Lallana was impressive for us last season (If he could get past the 60 minute mark) but being the club we are sometimes only impressive isn’t quite good enough, so we’ve replaced “Adz”, with Dusan Tadic, last season Tadic was the top chance creator on the planet and, fortunatley this one can actually shoot.


Our academy reputation continues to grow despite the odds. We have been told that all the pre-season debutants are looking strong enough to fill some squad positions to give us depth we were missing. Harry Reed is believed to be the best yet with The Paul Scholes comparison being brought up in just about every conversation most Saints will have ever had about him. Hopefully its more than the Hair colour that the two have in common. Could their be a single football fan who would not name The Saints as the best Academy in England if not Planet Earth today?

Harry & Paul

Every media outlet in the country has been talking about us, every club wants our players, and is envious of our training and development ability with both players young and more experienced. Soon we may have a point when we sing… and it’s all Southampton…